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ance Dont scrap your “missing dongle” Logitech devices! Solution Here

We all have logitech devices im sure that we have lost the dongle (USB connection) for. I know have at least 20 keyboards and 20 mice — it becomes a nightmare if you are a real computer geek. Maybe you know what im talking about maybe not, regardless. I have a solution for you . This doesnt work with every single generic dongle but most do work, with any logitech device, it will tell you if it will work or not. Before I show you the program itself , here are some of the devices I know for fact work with universal USB logitech dongle and the Logibolt program:

DJ Substance just mentioning Logibolt — dont toss your Logitech wireless devices cause you lose the dongle
Logibolt — dont toss your Logitech wireless devices cause you lose the dongle

These are the devices I know work with the universal program Logibolt.exe I have found.

This mouse will work with almost any dongle its super quality
Even these cheap ass mice will work with Logibolt
Ive had good luck with this type

and the ultracheap, mega generic ones. I have many of these:

This is one of the most common Logitech KB/Mouse combos and one of the most easy to lose the flipping USB

In comes Logibolt — OS Independant (ive had it work in Linux OSX and Win).

This app is gold — ive had great luck with it and it should detect most Logitech devices with most any dongle

This is pretty rudenmentary and I didnt feel it was even worth posting, but, after thinking about how much BS Ive gone thru to match these USB with kb/mouse I figured others have too.

Get the App. Google — Logibolt Logitech Download

DJ Substance displaying the DL
This site should detect your OS, if your running OSX 13 pick the OSX12 version it works

Window Download Link for Logibolt —

Feel free to scan it via ( i recommend this with any external s/w prior to installing it)

Lets skip forward to linking it to a device.

DJ Substance showing Logibolt binary running and installed (on macOS)
Once you have the binary installed, plug in ONE of the misc USB dongles (they must say Logitech)

Click Add Device, then you should see a screen letting you pick the type of reciever you have. If none are listed, plug the dongle directly in, (not in a hub), if still no go, that one might be too old. Plug in another one, until you have an option to click it.

Once you have a newer-model dongle plugged in it will say this, click Add Device

Now one thing i have learned from this, dont try to add multiple devices at once,one at a time. youll be set. I think it supports up to 16!

Once you click Add Device, turn your mouse or KB (or mouse/kb combo) on, and with any luck:

This is a good sign. If you can move the mouse or type in the #s your set.

Add as many devices as you need, but keep in mind that specific dongle is going to be mandatory to make those devices work only on that PC. I dont think its going to be global if you switch it to another PC.

I know this info is readily available on the net, yet i still hear people complaining about the dongle mismatch BS, so im just trying to make it 100% clear that this is the best solution!

Happy Typing and Clicking ;p





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