Bash script yourself the dopest lil please wait/prog meter — yes bash

1 min readAug 30, 2023

Keeping it short and sweet, if you dont know and trust my posts by now, move on. Prereq’s will be: apt-get install parallel

People who know what up read on


# Function to display the spinning [X] character
spinner() {
local delay=0.05
local spinstr='⠋⠙⠹⠸⠼⠴⠦⠧⠇⠏'
local i=2

while true; do
printf "\r[ ${spinstr:$i:1} ]"
sleep $delay
((i = (i + 1) % ${#spinstr}))
done }

# Function to check if the response contains "not found" and display [X]
chkrsp() {
if grep -q "not found" <<< "$1"; then
tput el # Clear the spinner line
printf "\r[\033[31mX\033[0m] "

export -f chkrsp

spinner &

seq 0 255 | parallel -j 5 "host $THREEOC{} | chkrsp"

kill $spinner_pid
wait $spinner_pid 2>/dev/null # Suppress the "Terminated" message


Call it; chmod +x ./; ./

  • dont be in tm/screen or it doesnt work as good*
  • Youll see
  • [ ⠋ ]
  • [ ⠋ ]
  • ^ Diff phases of the prog. meter, you can modify it to add ansi or whqtever.
  • just thought id share it
  • peace
  • dj substance




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