Jumping in Headfirst

Pentesting / Hacking / Jump in HEADFIRST

Lets Jump into an incredible way to get information, most of us use everyday. Search Engines!

When I say search engines, and when you think search engines, do *not* get into a frame of mind where “Google” is THE search engine.. It is not, many of them have different info and different ways of digging in and getting more info.

https://google.com — Primary search engine used by USA+CA+MX

https://bing.com (same as yahoo.com) — Not as popular but also has alot of different results and has operators that differ from Google

https://baidu.cn — Most popular Chinese search engine

Here is a more comprehensive list

Search Engine Operators:
Each of the search engines has its own operators but we will stick with google for now, lets say we just want results from China:

If you search for the above on Google, you will get 10 results per page, and tons of them. You might get 2billion. You can only actually view 1000.

Hit CTRL L.. append — &num=100&filter=0

That will give you 100 per page. Google : Google operators.

Learn them read them. I will get into it more next time!

Service Subdomain
Azure Access Control Service (retired) *.accesscontrol.windows.net
Azure Active Directory *.graph.windows.net / *.onmicrosoft.com
Azure API Management *.azure-api.net
Azure BizTalk Services (retired) *.biztalk.windows.net
Azure Blob storage *.blob.core.windows.net
Azure Cloud Services and Azure Virtual Machines *.cloudapp.net
Azure Cloud Services *.cloudapp.azure.com
Azure Container Registry *.azurecr.io
Azure Container Service (ACS) (deprecated) *.azurecontainer.io
Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN) *.vo.msecnd.net
Azure Files *.file.core.windows.net
Azure Front Door *.azurefd.net
Azure Management Services *.management.core.windows.net
Azure Media Services *.origin.mediaservices.windows.net
Azure Mobile Apps *.azure-mobile.net
Azure Queue Storage *.queue.core.windows.net
Azure Service Bus *.servicebus.windows.net
Azure SQL Database *.database.windows.net
Azure Stack Edge and Azure IoT Edge *.azureedge.net
Azure Table Storage *.table.core.windows.net
Azure Traffic Manager *.trafficmanager.net
Azure Websites *.azurewebsites.net
Visual Studio Codespaces *.visualstudio.com



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