Whats the difference between “Booter/Stresser” services for rent . and your own botnet for ddos?

2 min readAug 30, 2023
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If you dont know what stressser services are:

You can find *tons* of these sites for rent cheap alot of times on Google. not even darknet

Here is an example of a real life “Stresser” — sposedly o test your own network thruput and capacity .. ya right


Do not use these services unless you REALL know you how be anonymous

Using tor is not enough. Using cash app to buy BTC -> pay them will leave a trace. The onoly reason to use these services is to DDOS a site or sites. This is highly not recommended, as there are many other good ways of taking machines down ;p without having to commit tons of felonies.

I am not telling anyone what to do, except be informed before you make stupid decisioms

I know a handful of people who have mad skills and do ingenious things to built their botnet’s, but its just not worth it if you live in the USA. Also, keep in mind if you DOS ip x.x.x.x, which happens to be siteihate.com — this IP may host 10,000k websites, including .gov and .mil. If you DOS these inadvertently you better hope you were using someone elses wifi ;p


moral of story: dont DDOS, find a better way to eliminate your enemy

Hit them in their sleep




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